12 October 2008

The Mason-Dixon extravaganza

Ann Shayne and Kay Gardiner have come and gone, entertaining hundreds of knitters in Saint Paul in the process. Dang, but they're funny.Meema confession: I left my camera's SD card at home. Wha? I know - dumbdumbdumb. My mom and dad were in attendance (in their South Park shirts, no less!), so these pics are courtesy of Dad's camera.

A willing audience member models the Mystery Sweater. It's a bit hard to see, but the torso has a sizable MLK quote chain stitched all around. Can also be knit without text. Wonderful design.

After about an hour of their "blog post" presentation, they began the process of - what else? - signing.

And signing.

And signing some more (see the pile on the table corner?). That's Ann at left, Kay on the right, and a bevy of Yarnery ladies.

Jess, Eric, Scott and I reprised our roles as the Yarnery Family Singers to honor (in order) knitting commerce, knitting communities, and knitting authors. Hope you likey.

Song #1 - Welcome to Our LYS

Songs #2 (On Ravelry) and #3 (Mason-Dixon!)

UPDATE: The lyrics are now posted on The Yarnery Blog. Feel free to check them out, but please ask first if you want to repost them. Thanks!


deb said...

You're just so damn good. :-)

Eric said...

The girl rocks.

babenzi said...

So clever! Please post the lyrics... I know I missed some of your sly jokes....

Meema said...

FYI, the Mason-Dixon lyrics are now posted on The Yarnery Blog: