31 May 2007

The End Time

We all survived the recital! I had thought it would be a full contingent, but silly me - students just waited longer to cancel out. All but one student gave solid performances, and even he has bounced back way more than I would have at that age. That done, it's now a matter of wrapping up the last two weeks of the school year, saying goodbye to seniors, and wrangling students for summer study. We'll see how that goes.

07 May 2007

Baby Steps

I still haven't dusted off my needles, but I've picked out a sweater to make for the Kidlet. It's Tater's Cotton Cardi from The Garter Belt, and it meets the requirements for stress relief - subtle patterning (but not mind-numbing garter stitch), and no sewing. Yea! I 'heart' patterns that don't require inset sleeves. A person works so hard to craft perfect, lovely elements of fronts/back/sleeves, and then messy hand sewing threatens to ruin the whole effect?!? Not gonna go there.

My studio's spring recital is scheduled in two weeks. Each year I feel so much stress around it, but I think I'm a little more prepared this time. An evaluation in about ten days will be the tell, won't it? There are several very talented singers in the group, and several more who have grown so much in the years we've been working together. I'm quite excited for them to have the chance to sing this performance. Moms will cry, students will shuffle and look at the floor, and I'll most likely tear up, too.