31 March 2008

Out like a lion in winter

The end of March, particularly with Easter already a week behind us, is leaving (thank the freshly-raised-up Lord) - can we have spring now?

These are Kidlet's little clingy gel window ornaments on the back seat window of my car. On a sunny day like last Friday, they're lovely; with another wet snowfall as the backdrop, just a little pathetic.

Really, there are virtues to living in Minnesota. It's hard to remember them right now, but I promise to share those, too, once the snow is done and gone.

30 March 2008

What's new?

Today was 52°F, the warmest day so far in 2008. I sat on the patio at my favorite coffee shop this afternoon, enjoying my cold press and checking e-mail. Then the other shoe dropped. I just read this forecast for the Twin Cities.

Tonight: A chance of rain and snow. Cloudy, with a low around 33. North northeast wind around 8 mph. Chance of precipitation is 40%.

Monday: Periods of snow, mainly after 10am. The snow could be heavy at times. High near 37. East northeast wind between 11 and 18 mph. Chance of precipitation is 90%. New snow accumulation of 4 to 8 inches possible.



Well, just like that Spring Break is over. It's a bit depressing that my next vacation day is Memorial Day. Distraction will be key to survival; this week is crunch time for Solo/Ensemble Contest for my singers on Saturday. I wish they were all ready to go, but I can only imagine the amount of information that fell out of their brains over Break. Yikes.

I worked a great shift at The Yarnery yesterday. We were dead for stretches, which was nice for conversation with coworkers (I love the variety of people there!), then crazily busy in spurts. I actually was able to complete the Log Cabin stripe I started on Friday, so hey, can't complain when knitting progress is made. It's always fun when someone I know on "the outside" comes in while I'm there - commenters Deb & Phil came to scout laceweight yarns for a specific project.

I leave you with a new element to my blog: Just Say No. Some things in this world make you shake your head and utter Nancy Reagan's gift to the American lexicon. Call me quirky, but there's a fine line crossed when a person takes their doggy out of a bag, and actually turns their little friend into a bag.

27 March 2008


Spring may very well be in the air.

Yesterday I was walking to my garage and saw a fluttering shadow. After spinning round in a circle, I found the source - an honest-to-goodness butterfly (this is the only online image I could find - of course I didn't have my camera with me). I could hardly believe it! It was flying perfectly and seemed to enjoy sunning itself on the garage. I only hope it was able to find something to eat. Too bad I couldn't have convinced it to come in the apartment to drink from Kidlet's Easter flowers from church.

As a follow-up to Tuesday's post,

J's sister, Rhonda, shared this with me: the St. Paul Pioneer Press held its annual Peeps Diorama Contest, and this entry is called Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport's Most Peepular Restroom, by Heather Maline. Little else needs to be said.

p.s. Can anyone name the butterfly pictured? I don't have a clue.

25 March 2008

The ultimate Peep show


It's confession time, people. I have a strange compulsion that, whenever Cecil B. DeMille's epic film The Ten Commandments is broadcast on television, I must watch it from title to credits. Of course I've seen it at least a dozen times, but that didn't stop me this weekend.

One of my top ten cinematic moments occurs in the first part of the movie: Nefretiri (played by Anne Baxter) leans over the palace balcony when she spies Charlton Heston approaching and throatily - nay, lustily - shouts, "Moses!" It's my favorite bit of overacting ever.

So dig deep and unburden your freshly-won soul in the comment section, o readers: what's your crazy gotta-see-it, gotta-listen-to-it, gotta-just-because guilty pleasure?

24 March 2008

I [heart] Carl

As an avid Minnesota Public Radio listener, there are several shows I look forward to on a regular basis. Car Talk makes me laugh uncontrollably, especially if I imagine my father's reaction. Wait, Wait - Don't Tell Me is another favorite. It's a weekly news quiz show with an outrageously intelligent and clever panel. The best part is the prize: Carl Kasell, the show's official Judge and Scorekeeper, records the outgoing message on your home answering machine. You may not understand this, but

And today I heard one!!!! While "working" at The Yarnery I was contacting customers who pre-ordered the Yarn Harlot's new book, and, lo and behold, the dulcet tones that met my ear were left by one Mr. Kasell. Sigh. Some people have all the luck - or at least know their weekly news trivia.

23 March 2008

And on the third day

Break out the A (or H) word - he's back!
Easter Sunday, and the girls arrive in their finery.
(Cate and mWAK's eldest, B, with Kidlet)

The altar dresses up as well.

This was just the tip of the candy iceberg for Kidlet.
Oh, the sugary places you'll go...

Hope you had a lovely day also!

21 March 2008

Good Friday

Good Friday = snowy Friday here in the Twin Cities, as evidenced by our Parish House's coating of fresh wet powder:
I'm hoping it melts by Sunday.

See you in three...

Color them beautiful

...and glittery, too.

Fun with snow and egg coloring in one day? It's almost too much goodness for one girl.

20 March 2008

Maundy Thursday

Blogger's note: The format of this post is the fault of my friend at Going40; I am a Meema obsessed.

The ultimate supper he’ll share
With friends in a room up the stairs.
While he washes feet
body they’ll eat –
A sacrifice none can compare.

The table, now bare and pristine,
In the light of one candle does gleam.
To the Garden they go
Where he’ll pray all alone:
“Father, take from me burdens extreme.”

Watch and wait.

Break of spring

Woo-hoo! Spring Break is here! Granted, I'm not travelling to a beachy destination, nor am I not working (if I can call playing at the LYS for money "work"). The break in teaching always comes as a bit of relief, though.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. Both schools have completed day-long Master Classes for soloists, and concerts and musicals have come and gone. Several community-affecting events have been faced (everything from a lice outbreak to a teen-on-teen homicide - I'm not even kidding). We are very ready for this break, even if it doesn't look like spring yet.

Find your own window of bliss this week. Even an hour of knitting counts!

19 March 2008

Back on the merry-go-round

The weather was certainly more spring-like today with a high of 46°F, and the same is forecasted for tomorrow; Friday, however, isn't going to fare as well. Three to six more inches of snow are predicted for central Minnesota. Really, this has gone on quite enough. I'm ready to see the grass green up. Remember grass? Remember green? Feeling the need for an outing to a nursery or conservatory...

18 March 2008

Yeah, I got your spring right here...

This was my drive into school this morning:

Three inches of heavy, completely wet snow. It was lovely but messy. (Look in the lower right corner of Picture #1 for the "oh sh*t" tire tracks in the snow.)

In other news, Going40 predicted greatness from The Great Minnesota Get-Together - the knitted Sock Monkey dress is now available as a custom couture creation for a mere $1500. Get noticed at your prom this year in a gown as comfortable as your favorite sweats. Please allow eight weeks for delivery.

dress photo by Gene Pittman of King Fisher Photo

17 March 2008

Wearin' o' the Purple

Since the observance of St. Patty's Day was Catholic-ly moved to Saturday, today is free to be one thing: Cate's birthday! Yee-haw! One you don't have to share! (She wears purple to claim her day.) Live it up, Caytie.

OK, so a picture was promised yesterday; how about several? Grand BalloonMaster Aaron reigned the post-concert reception with his mad sculpture skills. It's a bit hard to see against the black of his tuxedo jacket, but he has an amazing balloon gear bag. This man means business.His creations of Ariel, Nemo, and Monkey in Tree were a huge hit. (Nemo will become Kidlet's hat tonight. Meema will share.)

16 March 2008

Palm Sunday

BLOGGER'S NOTE: Sorry for the premature posting, those of you on the feed. Don't know exactly what keys I pressed, but all of a sudden I was done before I started. "This never happens to me, honestly."

Meema is tired, and it's only the first day of Holy (H*ll) Week. Much music was experienced today, and I am more than happy to start crossing things off the proverbial calendar.

The incense at church this morning about did me in - I had to keep reinserting my expectorated lungs (graphic, yes, but correct image). The choir sang well, and even read our dramatic roles in the Passion convincingly; I think the rest of the week should be equally pleasing, if not great.

This afternoon I wore my soprano soloist hat for Franz Schubert's Mass in G with The Edina Chorale, an ensemble I sang with many moons ago. I was pleased with the concert.

This evening St. Paul's Episcopal was the third concert venue for Illinois Wesleyan University's Collegiate Choir's spring tour. Holy cow - what a versatile group. I had brought my knitting with me because, well, college choir on a Sunday night... but I never touched it. I was thoroughly engaged for the program. An Estonian work was particularly amazing. It was a powerful, gripping 20th century composition, and I'm hoping it will be posted to YouTube soon so I can share more with you. Words can't express where it took the audience. I helped arrange home stays for about 30 students, and I feel much relief that they all found their hosts.

Teaser: tomorrow I will have such a photo for you - one of the choir members is a baloon artist, and that's all I will say. Squee!

Have a lovely evening, all. My pillow calls.

15 March 2008

The Ides of St. Patrick

I feel like my calendar has been pillaged. Were you aware that the Catholic Church moved St. Patty's Day festivities this year to today? I must have been removed from The Holy See's distribution list. They don't want all that revelry mucking up the last week of a perfectly good Lenten observance.

Google has saved my 21st century arse hundreds and hundreds of times - most recently, in figuring out the meaning of The Ides of March. Apparently before Caesar's assassination on the Senate steps, the term ides was used in the Roman calendar for the 15th day of the months of March, May, July, and October, and the 13th day of the other 8 months. Julius and Brutus brought to it the definition of impending doom.

A contemplative Holy Week to all. Knit somberly.

13 March 2008


A little bit of photographic catch-up tonight. Here's the current status of the Log Cabin Blanket:

And the ferocious kitty Lily (who came home with me from the Humane Society ten years ago, but knew that she was actually my dad's cat):

And my little girly-girl, sporting almost all of the barrettes purchased at Target the other day:

Have a good night, all.

12 March 2008

The timelessness of socks

In solidarity with 50 is the new 40 and his much-anticipated return to posting, here is a great historical poem for sock knitters (circa 1885). I haven't worked this pattern, but someday I'd like to make the product of these verses. Enjoy! (Argh - the double-click isn't opening the image, so you'll have to go to this PDF and read it on page four.)

10 March 2008


Argh. I've been caught with my camera down, so to speak. I spaced off taking a pic of the LCB last night, and I completely left it at home for a family birthday gathering (I don't think I've done that in, like, forever).

Necessity being the meema of invention, here's a peek at last year's extinguishing feat by today's Birthday Boy - and I'll try to get an actual anno-appropriate photo from J, 'cuz Kidlet did a sweet job assisting with flame control tonight. Try to envision a slightly shorter cake with a tidy haircut on the man...

Happy birthday, Gleonard - have a swell year!

ADDENDUM: Here's this year's Plate of Fire a la J's phonecam...

09 March 2008

Malabrigo March Madness: Hey, Scooter

Mari in Austin TX, is blogiversary-ing by giving away Going40's favorite fiber, Malabrigo. (The photo at right is a random fiber shot, not the prize to be won.)

Make it yours, people!

Blogging 101

This is post #101 on The Meema Files. It seems odd to me that people out yonder actually read this. On the other side of the coin, I don't think it strange to read other bloggers' musings. Hmm. Well, there are no festivities slated for today; for that you'll have to wait until the blogiversary in April. ;-D

Kidlet and I had a wonderful weekend. She is such a pleasant little person, and I (and J as well, I'd wager) think we hit the jackpot with her. It's so endearing to see manners and social conscience developing, as well as her quick sense of humor. It's like watching a documentary on the evolution of personhood, but at the same time feeding and reading to the documentary. That made more sense in my head...

Still knitting away on the Log Cabin Blanket, but have developed a little callous on my right index finger pad from pushing the tip of my pretty pointy sticks through the cotton. I'll post a progress photo tomorrow (the blanket, not the callous).

Happy seasonal crossroads knitting!

08 March 2008


Tonight is the night we "spring ahead," according to the new energy-conscious way of doing such things. I generally associate the resetting of clocks to more seasonal change, so this just seems wrong; it's way early, and not very spring-like outside. Sigh.

05 March 2008

This is not your father's election

Just when the pundits had her down for the count, Hillary pulled out a much-needed three-state victory on Tuesday. Do you think our country's leaders could have imagined such a contest for the Democratic ticket?

Here's to power suits and pearls. Knit the vote!

04 March 2008

Pardon me while I cough up a lung

Being sick is a royal pain in the you-know-what, especially when your livelihood is affected by the state of your health. As a teacher of singing and a performer, I feel like I have my hands tied behind my back. Like an accountant without a pencil (back in the analog days, I'm guessing). Like a scuba diver without flippers and stuff. @#$%! All I can do is drink my water, get my sleep, eat my supplements, and hope it cycles quickly without loss of voice. I hate greatly dislike being held musically captive by germs I can't even see. I want to squish them into oblivion.

OK, Meema. 'Nuf whining. Go knit something pretty.

03 March 2008

Winnin' o' the green

Spring is so close you can smell it...

Want to enter a holiday-centric contest? Check out SpinKnit Up's St. Patty's Day contest! Beautiful greeny roving, yours for the writing...

02 March 2008


Hi, it's Meema. Remember me? I barely do. I've been out of commission the last few days with a fever that refused to take its leave.

First clue that I was sicker than I realized: as each student came to their lesson on Thursday, their first utterance was akin to, "Wow, are you okay?" (You know something is up when teens notice.) Second clue: everyone else on the road was driving hurriedly (usually that's me). Third clue: 101.5°-102° for two days - ugh. Fourth, and most telling, clue: I didn't have the physical or mental energy to knit basic garter stitch until last night. Très pathétique.

I managed to hear a charming local news story about a woman in one of our fair suburbs who was celebrating her 24th birthday on Friday, and had lived to see 96 Februaries come and go. Curious thing, but she was a very young-looking 96-year-old. Hmmm...