30 March 2008


Well, just like that Spring Break is over. It's a bit depressing that my next vacation day is Memorial Day. Distraction will be key to survival; this week is crunch time for Solo/Ensemble Contest for my singers on Saturday. I wish they were all ready to go, but I can only imagine the amount of information that fell out of their brains over Break. Yikes.

I worked a great shift at The Yarnery yesterday. We were dead for stretches, which was nice for conversation with coworkers (I love the variety of people there!), then crazily busy in spurts. I actually was able to complete the Log Cabin stripe I started on Friday, so hey, can't complain when knitting progress is made. It's always fun when someone I know on "the outside" comes in while I'm there - commenters Deb & Phil came to scout laceweight yarns for a specific project.

I leave you with a new element to my blog: Just Say No. Some things in this world make you shake your head and utter Nancy Reagan's gift to the American lexicon. Call me quirky, but there's a fine line crossed when a person takes their doggy out of a bag, and actually turns their little friend into a bag.

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Eric said...

I don't think Viggo would appreciate one of those.