12 July 2009

Fry time

Almost forgot to update: Mama Molly (the fish) let loose with a new batch of a couple dozen fry last weekend. Probably more. Can't count darting little slivers of fishiness very easily. Seriously, these fish need a new hobby other than sex.

My offer to provide you with entertaining fishies still stands, people. All you have to do is speak up.



11 July 2009

The shameless plug

I'm only going to run the big ad once - promise - so listen up:

Tickets are now available for the twelve (12!) performances of Eagan Community Theater's production of Fiddler on the Roof. Call the Box Office at 651.683.6964 between the hours of 1:00 and 4:00 pm weekdays to reserve yours.While the rest of the Twin Cities was enjoying a glorious summer day today, we had our first tech/dress rehearsal. For a first run-thru, it went very smoothly. I wish I could watch "Tevye's Dream" from the house - amazing costumes!

If you're able to come (and I hope you can), let me know which performance you'll be at so I can say hi. Thanks for listening.

08 July 2009


A crochet pattern for all your fertility needs... meet Venus.

Hoo boy.

02 July 2009


As I sit in my living room at the onset of the holiday weekend, this is what runs through my head: I'm all for celebrations and patriotic displays and pyrotechnics in general, but I get a little edgy in the summertime when everyone and their brother is lighting Roman candles in the alley all night. Call me crazy, but black powder sounds like gun powder. Dial 911, or no? Sigh.

(Good lord, I sound like an old woman - "Crazy kids, get off my lawn" and all that. Oy.)