02 July 2009


As I sit in my living room at the onset of the holiday weekend, this is what runs through my head: I'm all for celebrations and patriotic displays and pyrotechnics in general, but I get a little edgy in the summertime when everyone and their brother is lighting Roman candles in the alley all night. Call me crazy, but black powder sounds like gun powder. Dial 911, or no? Sigh.

(Good lord, I sound like an old woman - "Crazy kids, get off my lawn" and all that. Oy.)


Jess said...

You're not crazy, those kids need to get off our lawns.
Brian and I were discussing this very thing at 11 o'clock last night when all you can hear is that.
get off MY lawn.

Cate said...

If you want this crazy old lady to come over and help you dial 911 - let me know. :)
I can't stand people being disruptive after 9p when my kids are trying to sleep.
So really if you called me you'd get a crazy & CRABBY old lady. :)

Ellen said...

All you really need to appreciate the olden days when fireworks were illegal is to have young dogs leaping up in crazed barking every time these go off. Soon we have an old lady leaping up in crazed hysteria, saying "Oh for God's sake, it's just firecrackers. Shut up!"