30 January 2009


Four years ago I watched with amazement as this little girl peeked out at the big bad world for the first time. "Someday this will all be mine," she thought.

I think she believes that someday is here.

Happy birthday, Kidlet. I love you so big!

28 January 2009


If you're not familiar with the Twist Collective (an online knitting magazine), it is well worth a look. Here's a peek at the twisted cast-on technique they highlighted: Designer Stephanie van der Linden suggests that, in addition to her sock cuff, it would work well "with a four or five stitch repeat for a sweet edging on mittens and children's sweaters". What a nice alternative to plain ribbing!

27 January 2009

A conversion of greatness

I go to church with amazing young people. This fall I told you about Andrew; today his twin sister, Lindsey, was named Athlete of the Week by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune for winning the Twin Cities Conference Nordic ski meet. Check out her write-up from today's paper.

I can only hope Kidlet continues to look up to these two as role models - kinder, more conscientious (and multi-talented) young adults would be hard to find.

Congratulations, Lindsey!

26 January 2009

FO parade, Page 1

I haven't posted any finished knitting projects in, like, forever - dude, my bad. Here is the beginning of my attempt to make up for lost blogging.

I mentioned last week that weaving in ends was the least of my knitting joys, in not so many words. Here is the evidence:

Not too rough...

... and the oh so nasty, a.k.a. "cat yack."

The end result was a pair of hats. Right and center view:

Center and left view:

The willing recipients, eWAC and Going40.

The project details:

pattern: based on Grassroots Hat by C Jane Knit
yarn: Cascade Pastaza (50% llama, 50% wool)
needles: US #5 AND #7 Addi Turbo circulars (only because my Harmony needles were occupied, and my Denise needles almost made me do grievous bodily injury unto myself. And yes, I did feel like a traitor.)

After knitting the logo chart twice, I learned a little something: working the lower half of the logo as a solid red field, then applying the white stripes in duplicate stitch makes for muuuch friendlier cleanup (10 ends to weave in, as opposed to 24).

More to come after sleeping.

24 January 2009

At the tone

... the time will be 11:15 AM. The weather in Saint Paul is sunny and a freakin' cold -8F.

That's just not nice, but it does make a girl want to knit.

23 January 2009

Handy McHanderson

Sweet fancy Moses, my lesbian tool-loving blood is racing.

Check this out - it's like a Swiss Army Knife - no, a Leatherman - for knitters. And it's purdy to boot.

Now, how to convince The Powers That Be at the LYS that we need this. Hmm. Must initiate clever mind-control plot. Note to self: must not post that publicly next time.

22 January 2009

Give me a W...

(Not THAT one - I thought you knew me better than that!)

... O... O...L! Yay, sheepies!

Were you aware, fellow knitters, that the General Assembly of the United Nations declared 2009 as The International Year of Natural Fibres? Apparently this was waaay back in '06. Remember '06? Deeply embedded we were in an Administration of shame... I digress; pardon me.

The year was officially launched today (22 Jan). I think everyone is hereby entitled to knit something very special from the natural fibre of their choice this year.

For. Yourself.

That's right - enough of this "I don't need to spend that much time on myself, yadda yadda yadda." Fuggedaboudit! Holidays are done, and it's time to appreciate your own craftiness.

After you give it a bit of thought, I encourage you to let us know what you're going to make for yourself. Leave a comment on this post with your project idea (including fibre details), and let the crafting commence.

And you thought that Tuesday was as good as it got!

Stashbuster #1

If you find yourself with a random collection of feltable wool, here's a nifty little project: Dryer Balls! They're a chemical-free way to beat static cling - literally - in your dryer. If you're living in a wintry (read: drydrydry heated) northern clime, you know how valuable it is to kick static's @$$ at every opportunity. Argh.

Now if only there was a way to knit away the constant salt stains on my black boots. Double argh.

20 January 2009

Hope arrives

What a day.

What a fantastic, inspiring day! It's still a bit overwhelming; I vacillate between grinning like an idiot and getting all verklempt at the thought of what we witnessed today.

Kidlet, Papa and I watched the inauguration together. I held her as we listened to Obama take the oath of office, and we stood right along with the masses. I doubt the enormity of the day registered, but she will know she was there.

Oh, and the other moment I made sure she watched? The Bush-laden helicopter gettin' the heck outta Dodge. Fly, baby, fly.

19 January 2009

Last dance

In honor of Dubya's last day, go have some fun on this site. I can't remember which of my disturbed friends first shared it with me. Feel free to encourage his movements by catching any old body part and dragging him around. (This one is fun, too.)

Does it seem like this day would never come? We made it, people, but barely. Our dashing hero approaches at noon tomorrow.

16 January 2009

Color me conflicted

Colorwork = good.
Weaving in ends = bad.

Pictures to prove my point in a few days.

09 January 2009

Tuffet wanted

These Flocks (a fiber-oriented company out of Rotterdam) have a knitted pouf with your name on it. Well, not really. You know what I mean.

Best not to wear shorts when you sit upon it, methinks.

08 January 2009

Wii are all that

Knitters, embrace your cultural influence.

Get ready for the newest Wii application: Kniitiing!

I'm not kiidiing. heh. It's still in beta stage, but above are screen shots of how to hold the controls for virtual knitting, and game level selection by "pattern".

This is a Wii game my mom might actually play. Ness, you see this?

07 January 2009

Hail to the Chiefs

Leaving behind the Twelve Days of Christmas, we have arrived at the last twelve days of the Bush administration. Today President-Elect Obama met with the current and all living former Presidents in the Oval Office. The pictures alone speak volumes.

Gentlemen, meet the future.

Change. Is. Good.

Check your gauge

If it's not 3 stitches per yard, you may need to change needle sizes.

05 January 2009

The twelfth day of Christmas

Today marks the final day of the Christmas season (despite the fact that we haven't heard a note of holiday music on the airwaves for eleven days, but that's a rant already writ - pardon me.) Tomorrow the Magi arrive with not-so-kid-friendly gifts. If they'd only had Google...

A festive Twelfth Night to you all!

04 January 2009

The eleventh day of Christmas

After yesterday's darkly hued expression of the Twelve Days, here is a little slice of levity by way of The Dance. They apparently left the body glitter and sequins in their other bags...

I know, it's someone's low-quality cell phone video, but can these guys move or what?!

03 January 2009

The tenth day of Christmas

I wasn't feeling terribly inspired for a Tenth Day post, so I do what I often do for motivation: crank up Ye Olde Google.

I started looking for appropriate images of the Day, and came across this one. Intriguing, I thought, so I took a cursory glance through the originating page. Can you say dark, boys and girls? Holy cow.

If you've exhausted your ho-ho-ho, check out this Twelve Days series of short stories by An Unreliable Witness. Not your typical holiday fare, that's for damn sure, but oddly compelling.

02 January 2009

The ninth day of Christmas

Why does Nick & Nora not sell flannel pajamas made from this print? I'm just askin'.

Holiday on Ice by Alexander Henry Fabrics

(my girly partner fabric to eWAC's burly Heavy Equipment...)

01 January 2009

The ghosts of New Years past

Voices à la 1980 that speak relevantly today...

Happy 2009 to one and all!