26 January 2009

FO parade, Page 1

I haven't posted any finished knitting projects in, like, forever - dude, my bad. Here is the beginning of my attempt to make up for lost blogging.

I mentioned last week that weaving in ends was the least of my knitting joys, in not so many words. Here is the evidence:

Not too rough...

... and the oh so nasty, a.k.a. "cat yack."

The end result was a pair of hats. Right and center view:

Center and left view:

The willing recipients, eWAC and Going40.

The project details:

pattern: based on Grassroots Hat by C Jane Knit
yarn: Cascade Pastaza (50% llama, 50% wool)
needles: US #5 AND #7 Addi Turbo circulars (only because my Harmony needles were occupied, and my Denise needles almost made me do grievous bodily injury unto myself. And yes, I did feel like a traitor.)

After knitting the logo chart twice, I learned a little something: working the lower half of the logo as a solid red field, then applying the white stripes in duplicate stitch makes for muuuch friendlier cleanup (10 ends to weave in, as opposed to 24).

More to come after sleeping.


Jess said...

We missed you at the swap, but I did get to see the hats in person.

Cate said...

Going40 and eWAC looked very happy to be on the receiving end. I liked this picture better than the FB one posted of them recently too.

Way to go Meema!

deb said...

Oh wow, these are goooood hats.

Eric said...

We love our hats, and we love Meema. Thank you, thank you, thank you.