24 January 2009

At the tone

... the time will be 11:15 AM. The weather in Saint Paul is sunny and a freakin' cold -8F.

That's just not nice, but it does make a girl want to knit.


Cate said...

The Anderclan is headed out in this to do some errands. uck. Hope knittin' is going well.
Are y'all are staying for the Annual Meeting tomorrow? We are. Please please please stay! Tell J that it is a free b-day lunch and entertainment. HA!

BandB said...

Oh, Angie. I miss you all but, truth be told, we are so in love with this wandering life style. Today was spent on the beach, Paul fishing and sifting for shark teeth and me, walking and working the New York Times crossword. Granted, not everyone would enjoy this simple life in a 25 foot travel trailer, but we have met great people and are quite comfortable and content. We start heading north on Tuesday, to be back for RHS Italy rehearsals after the 14th. There are some awesome wildlife refuges waiting for us on the way north. Hope you are well and know you must be ready to celebrate a birthday with kidlet soon. Hi to all.