26 June 2009


This very cute - and very FREE - knitting pattern comes from Anna at Mochimochiland. Go here to download the pdf file, then make as many as you like - the neighbors won't mind one bit.

Kidlet saw me open the email announcement and went absolutely ape for these little guys. She has seen it her mission this year to help dandies propagate, much to the chagrin of Grammy's association's lawn maintenance crew...

24 June 2009

The b!tch is back

Greetings, fellow travelers! Three weeks have passed, and much has transpired. Here are the Cliff Notes to get you back up to speed:
  • Had an audition and two callbacks at the beginning of the month, and was cast as Golde in Eagan Community Theater's production of Fiddler on the Roof. Last played this role [coughtwentysevenyearsagocough] at Winnequah Middle School. We have been rehearsing e v e r y night - but they didn't schedule me tonight. WOOT! Come see it. We have a lovely air-conditioned auditorium...
  • St. Paul's Choir threw one heckuva spring gala, complete with a brand new (for us) grand piano and a huge Abba singalong; the songs from which are slowly leaving my brain.
  • The school year ended, another batch of 18-year-olds was released onto an unsuspecting world, and the parade of graduation open houses began.
  • Animal world update: mollies, mollies, mollies. Oh, and baby snails at J's place. Heh heh heh. AND Mom and Dad adopted the little orphaned kitten they found under their front step one morning. Dad tried to name him Emil (pronounced EE-mull. I know - he was vetoed). Their "mature" cat, Lily, is tolerating him mildly.
  • My summer voice studio is up and running. There is a part of my Taurean nature that loves a structured schedule.
  • Knitting a little pink sweater during rehearsals and shifts at El Yarnery. It's the twin sister to the little blue sweater previously posted. Photos to come.
So that brings us to my rehearsal-free evening. And how did I spend it? Combing area thrift stores for "black or brown ankle boots with little to no heel". Gar.

03 June 2009

Mollies, mollies everywhere

If they were insects or rodents, we'd have a serious issue on our hands.As it stands, all is well.

01 June 2009


-- rant alert -- rant alert --

OK, I love reading Heather Armstrong's blog - she is the queen of snarky mamahood. Today, though, she hit on one of my pet peeves.

You know how a mobile hangs above a baby's crib to distract and stimulate them, comfort them when their grownups' faces aren't hovering above? Someone please tell my WHY people insist on manufacturing mobiles that are visually pleasing ONLY to the ambulatory adults in the room? This mobile, installed over Dooce's new crib, WILL LOOK LIKE TINY ROTATING LINES TO THE BABY. Hello, edges of paper? Not so engaging.

Face 'em down, people. This is all I ask.

Summer with a Twist

The summer issue of The Twist Collective is up and running.

Beautiful patterns, goodness from Franklin's pen - what more could you want?