05 January 2008

The twelfth day of Christmas

tppp-tpp-tpp-tppppppp! (it's a trumpet) Welcome, one and all, to the last day of the season! Tomorrow is the day Christians observe the arrival of the gift-bearing Magi - Epiphany.

[rant alert for Christmas observers] Have you noticed that, all these past eleven days, you didn't hear one note of holiday music on your radio? It maddens me that our hyper-commercial culture inundates the airwaves with holiday tunes starting the day after Thanksgiving, then shuts them off at 11:59 pm on 25 December. Many people are actually convinced that the twelve days end with Christmas Day, not begin. The weeks leading up to the 25th are meant to be full of anticipation and wonder, yet as we arrive at Christmas, we're often "all Christmas-ed out." I'm just sayin'.

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