04 January 2008

The eleventh day of Christmas

I love celebrating a holiday for almost two weeks!

Newsy news: Caytie and Mark with a K have a new son! He was delivered last night at 5:38 (I missed the pool on the gender card). Everyone is well and happy.

Happy Birthday today to Going40! He wears the quatrogenarian mantle well, don't you think?

In all things knitting, I have two more Woolly Nest Ornaments to make for family members. J's Wavy scarf seems not to grow, despite continual knitting - have you ever had a project like that? Frustrating and slightly unmotivating, but I refuse to let a half-knitted item become the boss of me.

Happy knitting!

1 comment:

deb said...

Hey - I thought *I* was the Boss of You.

Oh, wait. . . that's Scott. . .

never mind. . .