26 January 2008

Church Choir and YOU

Have I mentioned that I excessively enjoy my church's parish choir? Yeah, I guess I have, but it bears repetition.

I always look forward to rehearsals on Wednesday nights. The choir has grown much under Going40's leadership, and serves as a family-away-from-family for its singers; a more supportive group of musicians I have yet to find. J'aime le St. Paul's Choir!

P.S. We don't actually wear Stetsons.
P.P.S. I don't actually speak French.
P.P.P.S. You figured that out all by yourself, didn't you?


Scott said...

Remember when a bunch of us had entered a blog's contest for some yarn, and then we all complained how long it took for her to post the winners? I remember you even complained about it via email or text message or something.

I just like to remember stories and then tell them.

Ms. P said...

beep... beeep... beep...
[busy signal]

Scott said...

You should get voicemail.

Cate said...

Choir wouldn't be the same without you, Ms P! I miss being there with you and the rest of the group.