09 January 2008

365 Days

All right, fellow bloggers, it's time to step up the game. I just spotted this banner on a regular blogread of mine, and it moved me to action. There are posts for every day of 2008 but yesterday on The Meema Files, but I think the official count starts on registration day (9 Jan, for Yours Truly). If you are feeling bold, adventurous, or just plain stupid, come join me.

I had a "Come-to-Jesus" moment with my yarn stash yesterday as I dug around in my closet. Looking for some DK wool for a project, I came to the sad and frightening realization that, despite the 100+ photos of fiber on my Ravelry page, I still have undocumented yarn. Yikes - I think a contest is in order here. Have a suggestion for one? Leave a comment and help build a better blogosphere.

Here's to typing regularly and knitting frequently!


Bea said...

Sounds good!

Scott said...

A fresh Meema file every day? I'm in heaven!

I think the contest should be: give all your stash to whomever shows up at your apartment first (I can be there at noon).

Knitting Linguist said...

Wow, posting every day -- you're brave! But it's good to know where to go for my daily fix :) I've got no ideas for the contest, although I'll gladly play along (even though I need no more stash since my latest set of enhancements. Oops.)!

Robbie said...

That is a great goal! I have been trying myself to blog everyday since I started 1/3! We can do it together! :P