07 January 2008

got felt?

I typed the title of this post and started giggling (hello, inner 12-year-old child!), but throwing caution to the wind, I'm leaving it. On that note, any stray Googlers who landed here because of the title are going to be sorely disappointed - it's about the fabric.

A look back at my holiday knitting reveals quite a few - nay, many - felted objects. I'm prepared to call it a subconscious theme; you should do the same.

Previous posts o' mine mentioned that Going40 up and Went40 last Friday. To mark the occasion, his partner eWAC and I concocted a crafty display, inspired by this (ironically from a website featured on Going40's own Best of 2007 blog post). After felting many a thrift store sweater, I cut out letters and fashioned loops of Malabrigo yarn (40's fave - see the list again) to a rope of Misti Alpaca Super Chunky yarn and made this garland:

eWAC hung it in their home for Scooter to see on his natal morn, then transported it to the party that evening, where it hung above pictures from 40's childhood.

I really love how it turned out - squishy soft wool at every turn, and a recycled project to boot. What a wonderful world.


Scott said...

It simply is the coolest thing I've ever seen. I love it so much, and it's now a permanent fixture in our den, available for other 40th birthday parties for people named Scooter.

deb said...

In a day with a zillion cool things, I think this banner was The Coolest.

I'm thinking of changing my name to Scooter for my next birthday so I can borrow it.

Oh yeah. And bend the time/space continuum so I can be 40 again.

Eric said...

The banner was perfect and you undoubtedly spent hours crafting those pesky letters. (About as much time as Gone40 has spent kerning and tracking the space between those letters.) You do beautiful work, and thank god I wasn't involved in the cutting.