02 January 2008

The ninth day of Christmas

We are entering an eventful 48 hours, my readership. Two of my blogmates (and good friends) are to be experiencing milestone life moments on Days Ten and Eleven of this season. By reading their blogs you may live vicariously through them, as I will.

Good luck and an official Mr. McFeely wish in song to Caytie and her husband as the Pitocin starts dripping early tomorrow morning.

If there's anything you want,
If there's anything you need,
McFeely's Delivery brings it to you here with speed!
Yes, our Speedy Delivery is a speedy delivery...
Speedy Delivery to you!

(My votes are a Solveig on the 3rd after 5pm. You can vote on her blog's sidebar.)

Birthday greetings and festive rejoicing to Going40 as he GoesThere on Friday. Item of note: his GPA for first semester matches his landmark birthday digits. So smart, so talented, so witty.

Have a great end to your week - knit something for yourself!

1 comment:

Cate said...

Thanks Ms P.! I am getting nervous for my date with a small person that will dominate my life for the rest of it. Kidding. Who is the boss here?! Well we all know the answer to that question.

Thanks for your support - we will call you hopefully before bedtime tomorrow with good news!