13 January 2008

The green button

Things currently moving on my needles (hibernating UFO's are for another day):

- Still the Wavy scarf for J, although length is visibly accumulating now - there's a light at the end of the tunnel.

- Cast on the Braids & Bobbles Hat AC-60 by Fiber Trends in Cascade 220 (the same green as my Wavy scarf).

- Kidlet's Christmas sweater now has the perfect buttons plus one. I found these cute yellow buttons at - where else? - The Yarnery. As I was stitching them on, she wanted to thread buttons, too. I let her play with some larger ones in my jar, and she grew quite fond of some big green 4-holes. She wanted them for her sweater, but I had to explain they were too big for the buttonholes, and there were only five buttons for the six holes. A compromise was reached, and now there is a lone green button on the left chest. Who am I to deny Kidlet's self-expression, just because she can't sew on her own buttons yet?

I realize you were promised contest details this weekend, my faithful readers; I know the prizes, I just haven't fleshed out the details of how to determine the recipients. Can you feel the electric charge in the air? Stash enhancement is on the horizon. I leave you with one tantalizing word:

alpaca. alpaca. alpaca.

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