06 January 2008

I [heart] yarn retail

Working in your favorite LYS feels a little weird. You have permission - and are paid - to enable other people's yarn addictions:

"Not sure which pattern you should use? Let's look in the book - oh, here! Now let's get you some yarn... and needles... ooh, and a bag to keep it all in!"

Lord knows I'm constantly making a mental list for myself:

"Oh, wouldn't this yarn make a fabulous [insert object] for [insert name]," or, "I could see a reason why I might need [insert pattern] on hand someday."

Hmmm. OK, so maybe it's not a bring-home-a-paycheck situation so much as a keep-a-scary-habit-self-supporting situation. I can live with that.


Knitting Linguist said...

Oh, boy. I think that working in a yarn store would be very dangerous (much like working in a bookstore). But it is true that if you're going to buy the yarn anyway (which I assume to be true), then at least this way, you get a discount!

Eric said...

Remember "County Seat"? That's where I worked in high school. My brother's girlfriend was a manager and she got me a job for the Back-to-School and Holiday shopping seasons. (I bought my first Girbaud jeans with a 50% discount!) One of my favorite things was to steer a customer towards a bad outfit. "Those acid-washed jeans would look great with that matching acid-washed jacket!" Do you ever do this at the Yarnery?