16 January 2008

Yarn Pr0n

Day 8 (or 16) into Blog365.

Squeeee! I wanted to blog about this yesterday when I received it, but waited until I had a picture to accompany the text (the actual crayon masterpiece is more vivid in person than this scan would have you believe):

My darling Kidlet approached me yesterday (before going to work at The Yarnery) with this in her hands, saying, "Meema, I made you yarn!"

"You can sell this yarn, too," said Kidlet.

"Oh, no!" said Meema, "This is far too precious to sell. No one will ever buy this from me, ever!"

Kidlet beamed with pride and satisfaction. "No one at The Yarnery can buy this yarn?"

"Nope, because it's mine!"

Is this not the most exquisite handspun you have ever seen? Eat your hearts out, fellow knitters - my stash officially rocks the kasbah.


Robbie said...

I love that! Such a good little story :)

monica said...

That is so adorable!