12 January 2008

A Norsk by any other name

[Due to technical difficulties, yesterday's blog was created in a Word doc, then saved for transmission when an Internet connection could be secured. Really, I can document it.]

[Never mind. Thanks, Scott!]

Kidlet has a very Norwegian name - a Norwegian goddess, actually - followed by my uber-Norse surname. Not a drop of the blood in her, but you'd never know to hear her. Today [Saturday] she was playing with her pogo-ball-whatever and, out of the blue, said, "Uff da, this ball sure is heavy!" (No hyphen, eWAC.)

In other maternal news, Kidlet and I planted her Chia Turtle. No, I didn't buy it for her; this was my sister's doing. I can't knock it or Sis, though. Whatever Sis chooses for Kidlet turns to pure gold - the Chia, the Ten Tiny Tadpoles book which must be read every night she spends in St. Paul, the Sit-n-Spin... If you need gift suggestions for the preschool set, I'll hook ya up with my sister. Anyway, the Chia was exciting even while soaking overnight in a bowl of water, let alone smearing slimy seeds on its shell. I love this age! Watch for Chia updates to come.

Side comment on all things Chia: doesn't it seem like the logical animal to bear a growing fluffy coat would be a sheep? I'm just sayin'.


Knitting Linguist said...

Don't they have chia sheep? Because frankly, a turtle with green growing all over its shell is not a healthy turtle. The Kid sure looks excited, though, so it's all good :)

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