16 March 2008

Palm Sunday

BLOGGER'S NOTE: Sorry for the premature posting, those of you on the feed. Don't know exactly what keys I pressed, but all of a sudden I was done before I started. "This never happens to me, honestly."

Meema is tired, and it's only the first day of Holy (H*ll) Week. Much music was experienced today, and I am more than happy to start crossing things off the proverbial calendar.

The incense at church this morning about did me in - I had to keep reinserting my expectorated lungs (graphic, yes, but correct image). The choir sang well, and even read our dramatic roles in the Passion convincingly; I think the rest of the week should be equally pleasing, if not great.

This afternoon I wore my soprano soloist hat for Franz Schubert's Mass in G with The Edina Chorale, an ensemble I sang with many moons ago. I was pleased with the concert.

This evening St. Paul's Episcopal was the third concert venue for Illinois Wesleyan University's Collegiate Choir's spring tour. Holy cow - what a versatile group. I had brought my knitting with me because, well, college choir on a Sunday night... but I never touched it. I was thoroughly engaged for the program. An Estonian work was particularly amazing. It was a powerful, gripping 20th century composition, and I'm hoping it will be posted to YouTube soon so I can share more with you. Words can't express where it took the audience. I helped arrange home stays for about 30 students, and I feel much relief that they all found their hosts.

Teaser: tomorrow I will have such a photo for you - one of the choir members is a baloon artist, and that's all I will say. Squee!

Have a lovely evening, all. My pillow calls.

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deb said...

I really loved the Illinois Wesleyan concert. The piece from Estonia was a knockout. I admit I didn't study the text because after a tiny glimpse it was clearly all about suffering and atrocities. I just let the sound wash over me and it was wonderful.

The link I mentioned to you is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATXV3DzKv68

Notice that all the good complaints choirs have a piano accompaniment, in case you know someome.