18 March 2008

Yeah, I got your spring right here...

This was my drive into school this morning:

Three inches of heavy, completely wet snow. It was lovely but messy. (Look in the lower right corner of Picture #1 for the "oh sh*t" tire tracks in the snow.)

In other news, Going40 predicted greatness from The Great Minnesota Get-Together - the knitted Sock Monkey dress is now available as a custom couture creation for a mere $1500. Get noticed at your prom this year in a gown as comfortable as your favorite sweats. Please allow eight weeks for delivery.

dress photo by Gene Pittman of King Fisher Photo


Cate said...

Your post title isn't a reference to Grease 2 is it? B is a big fan of that 'musical' and I pretty much have it memorized!

Nice pictures though. Too bad it is March and not November. I just want it to be GONE now.

B keeps talking about the snow melting and seeing more grass. So we are all ready!

Bea said...

So sorry. I was just wishing when it was 80 yesterday at 6am that it would stay colder longer.

Cate said...

Okay - that isn't fair! 80? ugh.

Knitting Linguist said...

That just doesn't look like spring at all. Alas... I'm tremendously amused by that dress, though!!