17 March 2009

Is this thing on?

Hi, I'm Meema. Apparently I'm the author of this blog. Nice to see you again.

I can't complain about the recent weather. I saw my first robin this weekend, but honestly, I wasn't looking hard for them, because I thought spring was never. going. to. get. here.

So tonight I was flipping through the spring issue of Knitter's Magazine at the LYS and saw an little blurb about

KnitGauge , an application for (what else) the iPhone. Can you say craftech? Dang. When I went online to check it out, I also found a link to KnittyBag, a very handy way to inventory your knitting needles. Don't tell my phone, but I'm a wee bit jealous.


Cate said...

Glad to see you back in action!
You can put this on my iPhone and use it anytime we are together.

See ya tomorrow!!

Scott Rohr said...

So excited to see you back. I've been checking incessantly. And I'm almost as excited about the knitting needle inventory app!