01 June 2009


-- rant alert -- rant alert --

OK, I love reading Heather Armstrong's blog - she is the queen of snarky mamahood. Today, though, she hit on one of my pet peeves.

You know how a mobile hangs above a baby's crib to distract and stimulate them, comfort them when their grownups' faces aren't hovering above? Someone please tell my WHY people insist on manufacturing mobiles that are visually pleasing ONLY to the ambulatory adults in the room? This mobile, installed over Dooce's new crib, WILL LOOK LIKE TINY ROTATING LINES TO THE BABY. Hello, edges of paper? Not so engaging.

Face 'em down, people. This is all I ask.


Michelle said...

I agree. I love her blog as well and generally like the choices she makes in decorating. But this mobile is no good. If she likes it so much, perhaps she should hang it above her bed.

Ellen said...

Would seem to be common sense - but there is so little of that around these days. Sad.

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