29 December 2008

The fifth day of Christmas

As you all know, there was much knitting at The Meema House in preparation for Christmas. There are times I fantasize about making huge, wonderful sweaters and the like for everyone on my list; I know myself well enough, however, to know that just isn't feasible. No way, no how.

Until today!!!

A person can make as many fantastical knitted creations as they can dream up with this gem of a website.

I like the blue one. I though you should know.


BandB said...

So, I just spent 30 minutes designing an ugly Christmas sweater instead what I should be attempting to accomplish! What a fun website.

deb said...

Wow. This is very fun. The zen of cheesiness. There's actually some clever stuff here. I'm looking.


OMG. I'm still playing with pixels.