24 December 2008

Hitting the fan

So here we are. Christmas Eve.

You may ask, "Meema, are you done knitting?"

Depending on my mood at the moment of asking, the response could be any number of things:

a) hearty laugh
b) "Hrumph!" (or something)
c) "Yeah, right."
or d) the Evil Eye of Doom

There are things completed, things on needles, and things which must be started YESTERDAY. I'm storing up pictures to post after the gifting.

Oh, yes, another holiday mix-in: my mom has been in the hospital since Sunday, and could be spending Christmas (and then some) there as well. Send healing thoughts Rita's way, would you?

Back to bloggerizing. I stumbled on these sites last year, and have been waiting to share until this holiest of days. Enjoy!

p.s. At 9:00 this morning, I'll be listening to the live broadcast

of A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols from King's College, Cambridge (England) on National Public Radio. It's an very traditional Anglican service, steeped in beautiful music. There's no better way to eat your breakfast on Christmas Eve morn...


Jess said...

Oh, Meema, I am sorry to hear about your Mom.
I am sending her healing thoughts.

Mary Lou said...

OK. I actually bought dog--tivity for my sister a few years ago. I am now inspired to add more to her collection, but where to start. Sending good vibes for your mom.

Cate said...

I feel your pain regarding present finishing...

Tell your Mom that the Anderson's want her to get better soon!

See ya tonight!