27 September 2008

Good night, Blue Eyes

Paul "Cool Hand Luke" Newman


mlegan said...

When I was growing up, when my best friend and I said mean things about people and their appearance, her mother would take out her HS yearbook and show us Paul Newman, skinny, geeky looking HS Paul Newman, to remind us that you never know what people will grow up to be.

deb said...

I think my housemate likes to pretend that Paul Newman was his *real* father. When we saw "Cars" (remember, it was a cartoon) he was teary for the last 45 minutes of the movie, because the crusty old Hudson (Paul Newman) was helping the young whippersnapper race car. I kid you not. Some men get teary for the baseball nostalgia of their youth - Field of Dreams, or The Natural. My husband cries for cartoons about cars, if Paul Newman is playing one of the cars.

We got to meet him once years ago when he was in Brainerd at the race track. Somewhere I have a photo of me with him.

I think Phil didn't have much to do at work today, so he sent me several PLN-related items, including this one, which I'm pretty sure made him teary too.


Late this past summer Newman's de facto home track of Lime Rock Park in Connecticut closed for an afternoon to let the gravely ill actor-driver make a few last turns around the newly repaved course. P.L. took out his Corvette GT car — number 81 — which his friends say he'd still been flogging at 9/10ths into his early 80s, along with his beloved Buick V8 powered Volvo station wagon.