21 September 2008

My little politico

Today after church, Kidlet and I went to JoAnn Fabrics to scope out patterns for Halloween costumes. Turns out that, when in the presence of pattern books with oodles of choices, a decision is nigh on impossible. She wanted to be a different character at every bolt of fabric. Good Witch? Bad Witch? Dorothy? Too many fabrics, too little time.

As we were walking toward the checkout with one pattern in hand, we passed the wall of costume accessories, and Kidlet zeroed in on these masks:Yes, she can name Barack Obama on site!

Honestly, I just asked her to wave. How was I to know my camera phone would make it appear as if the Senator was flipping off the free world?

Please rise for George W. "Hear No Evil" Bush.

On a more serious note, we took an elective detour to cross the new I-35W bridge over the Mississippi. It was a bit surreal. Part of me barely noticed and took for granted that little bit of road north of downtown Minneapolis; another part noted the stark newness of the concrete deck and barriers, painfully aware of the broken slabs they were replacing. My thoughts are with everyone whose lives were changed a year ago.

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