04 April 2009

Pitch, 10; Rhythm, 3

Ooh, it's the morning of the district Solo/Ensemble Contest!!!

Did anyone else go through this rite of musical passage? I'm sure most of my students woke up with butterflies in their teenage tummies in anticipation. All that preparation (or last-minute memorization) for a 10-minute slice of your life to be dissected and evaluated and r a t e d.

And on top of that, seven lucky events get to have me as their accompanist. Mwah hah hah...

Saint Cecilia, pray for us.

UPDATE: No one died. Several cried (not mine), mainly because of one very questionable judge. My piano skills did not inflict pain or suffering.


Cate said...

I remember the nerves and expectations. Good Times!

Rebecca said...

I only went once, and I remember being so nervous that it seemed I could barely get a sound out of my saxophone. Somehow I managed to pull off a "2" and receive a little medal, but I can't quite imagine how that happened.