06 April 2009

Summer in a bottle

Direct from Capri to me (via my friend, Laura):

Limoncello e Crema di Limoni.

The RHS Chorale spent their Spring Break singing their way through southern Italy. Sigh. Laura brought this back for me as a grazie for shuttling her to the airport for their early departure. Mmm.


Cate said...

Good thing they got back before the earthquake! If you need any help getting through that bottle - let me know.

BandB said...

Put it in the freezer. Yum!

Meema said...

The quake news was scary - had it been two weeks ago during their itinerary, they definitely would have been feeling it.

Already there, Barb!

Michelle said...

Those are some HUGE bottles! Wow!

J/K...although when I first looked at this, I thought they were huge bottles, like a sculpture or something outside the factory where they make this. Then I realized it was a trick of perspective and I felt silly.