08 April 2009

DIY cosmetology

Well, it had to happen sooner or later.

Kidlet + scissors + a moment alone = self-styled hairdo

Considering a 4-year-old was wielding the shears, it couldn't have been tamer. She basically extended her bangs by a lock of hair on one side. A trip to Kids' Hair (god love 'em) to balance the look, and you really can't tell anything transpired.

I don't recall cutting my own hair as a child, but I do remember giving my sister a trim. I was about 5 or 6 (which means Ness was 3 or 4). We were supposed to be napping together on the big bed; instead of sleeping I cut her hair and, being the clever older sister, dropped the evidence behind the headboard. Yeah. No one will ever find it there, I thought. Not Mom, who cleaned the floors religiously because we had a Dalmatian who shed every time she breathed and it was the 1970s and we had a black Naugahyde couch and red shag carpet in the living room that showed every short white hair. Nope.

You may ask, "Did you ever do it again?" Hell no. Especially when Mom said if I did, she was giving Ness the scissors with permission to cut my hair.

Smart mom.


Jess said...

Big A did that last year.
A big chunk right under her ear.
A millimeter higher and it would've been really ugly.
I did the same with my own hair when I was little.
Guess it's just inherent in little kids.

Cate said...

You know how B did with scissors and hair after D was born. THAT was a haircut.