09 April 2009

The Wright stuff

(I'm sorry - the title had to be writ.)

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the death of Frank Lloyd Wright (1867–1959). My, but he was long-lived. And creative. And prolific. And genius. And durn clever at financing his grand architectural works of art (read: squeezing every penny and then some out of his customers).

I'm convinced I was born a century too late. Living in south Minneapolis I grew to adore the American Arts and Crafts movement, to the point where I have dreams about Stickley. I could (and have) spent hours pouring over tile and wallpaper friezes and light fixtures and did I mention furniture?

Wright took the A&C movement and married it to the "modernity" of the 20th century in a very organic and non-offensive way. (Can you tell je deteste International architecture? Blech.) The way the walls of windows in his Prairie School homes (Fallingwater, at left) embraced and framed the natural view as art, to the conch-like structure of the Guggenheim (right) - he totally does it for me.

Thanks, Frank.


stellaG said...

Amen. His roofs leak, his chairs aren't meant to be sat in, but like you, his "stuff" is always informing me, us, today. The best. Thanks, Frank, from me too.

BandB said...

You may remember me talking about this, but you should make a trip to Two Rivers, Wisconsin and rent this home designed by Frank Lloyd. We stayed there about 4 summers ago and it was so incredible. And, then we drove up to Door County!!! Good times. I highly recommend this to F.L. Wright fans.