25 May 2009

Country roads

I am one tired Meema.

Mom and Dad moved to New Richland this weekend. It's only five intersections and 90 miles away.This is the middle of God's country, if said country is not near anything else. It was a long, rather straight drive; the trip was made seasonally charming by the 5 o' clock shadow of tiny plants covering the fields. That, and passing a farm with a Santa and eight tiny reindeer still suspended across the driveway.

Anyhoo, they have been doing much work on (and cleaning out of) my maternal grandparents' old home. It's a cute house with a huge yard right next to the high school. And yes, my grandfather put faces on several of his trees, much to the delight of Kidlet. Two blocks further south is - and I mean this in every literal sense - the End of Town. The road comes to an abrupt finality of pavement, a couple of trees, and corn fields. Or maybe soybeans. I'll keep you updated.

Being Memorial Day, Old Glory was hoisted in the front yard before we returned the moving truck.

Nana and Papa, I hope you're turning in early tonight.

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