01 May 2009

Lolly lolly lolly

So we were erranding at Walgreen's this afternoon, and the nice pharmacy tech offered Kidlet a lollipop. The promise of a little sugar sends Kidlet into giddy convulsions every time without fail (picture Wallace waving his hands alongside his face when he says "Cheeeese!"). She selected her lolly, said thank you, and we sat in the little waiting area so she could eat her treat.

Kidlet sat on the demo strap-a-back-rub-to-your-office-chair thing; a touch of the power button, and the entertainment began. She was enthralled with the massaging action, especially because it went up to her head - would've been shoulder blade height on a grownup.

The sucker was disappearing quickly, and J asked her what flavor it was.


Mommy and Meema lost it.

FYI, it was Pink Lemonade.

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