21 May 2009

Going40 in iRecital

Tonight was the final event of Scott's undergraduate degree pursuit: his senior recital. An enthusiastic and sizable audience gathered at Sundin Recital Hall for an evening of piano music. Half of the audience was utilizing their iPhones before the recital started. I had to laugh, thinking back to how un-tech my recital experience at Luther compared, lo se-e-everal years ago. Bloggers to my left, bloggers in front of me, bloggers to my right - a person couldn't spit without hitting one (classy, I know). Here you see Sous-Blogger Deb working hard to keep her title. A more devoted friend would be hard for Scooter to find. Truly. (BTW, I enjoy taking random aerial photos even more than one-arm self portraiture - I was sitting next to Deb.)Scott played a wonderful program of Bach, Mendelssohn, Chopin and Ravel, featuring a world premiere by David Evan Thomas. Even though I am in NO WAY pianistically inclined, it was clear this was an exceptional performance. I marvelled at the voicing and power in the Mendelssohn. (Kidlet, I promise to make you take piano lessons. Early and often.)

Below, a herd of Scott's fans from St. Paul's; proud partner Eric, right, covered the receiving line.

We are all crazy proud of you, Scott - CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Going 40 in a 20 Zone said...

Thanks for the nice post, Meema. It was a fun night, dimmed only by your insistence on being responsible and not drowning in the punch with the rest of us. Love you!

deb said...

Oh, you got such good action shots, and said such nice things!!

I'm going to start practicing the extended arm photo approach.