18 May 2009

On being Norwegian

Yesterday was Syttende Mai (Norwegian Constitution Day), and the Paulson clan gathered in Hugo to celebrate with a feast of Norsk cuisine. Lefse, meatballs, herring, gjetost - the works. As an added bonus, it was a beautiful spring day.

I rushed home from church to make my contribution, fløtegrøt. If you're not familiar, close your eyes and envision a) white; b) bland; and c) crazily dairy-fat based. That about covers it. The recipe called for heavy cream, whole milk, and flour; from this over a cup of clarified butter lets from the custardy goo. "Seasoning" consists of said butter, sugar and (uff da!) cinnamon.

My moment of koldtbord bravery? Two words - head cheese.
Two more words - never again.

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