14 October 2007

All the leaves are brown...

... and the sky is grey.

OK, so technically here in the TC we are just reaching peak fall foliage, but there is a good portion of leaves that are of a brownish tinge. It's one of those cold, damp days which make you think the snow is just days away, and all you want to do is curl up in front of a fire with an afghan and a cup of cocoa/chai/tea and knit, and doze, and knit a bit more. I miss having a fireplace, but knitting with wool is a close second on the cozy scale.

I succumbed to a wool craving last week. A bad one. The kind that would earn a person frequent shopper perks at an LYS, if they'd offer it (hrmph). It did provide me with some ammunition for holiday gifting - even ideas for using up some stash. I'm at the point where I need to list out who is getting what, and how long each will take. Schedule time! I hope to have some smaller FO's to post by month's end.

15 more minutes left of Kidlet's nap time - I should be able to knock a few rows off of the stocking. Happy fall knitting!

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