16 October 2007

Location, location, location

I have THREE - count 'em, three - amazing, blue-ribbon LYS's within five miles of my home, not to mention several chain stores. I blame where I live for the stash event of last week. If I wasn't in an excessively creative metropolitan area, this wouldn't be a problem. OK, not entirely true - I'd still have online shopping, but seeing and feeling the yarn in person is the hook for me. Mmm, squishywoollygoodness...

At one of said shops of personal doom, I stumbled upon an awesome in-house pattern for felted candy corn. So cute! I showed Kidlet the pre-felted nugget I churned out last night, and her response was, "Ooh, is this going to be for me?" It is now, sweetie. If you're interested, the Woolly Candy Corn pattern is by Marie Mayhew, and results in 4" felted candies with worsted yarn (3" with sport weight).

Once you have been drawn to the Dark Side (read: Ravelry), come see me - I'm Meema over there, too. Happy fall knitting!


Scott said...

Weird, I'm eating candy corn as I read your blog!!
Very artful photos, wool and gourds all matchy-match.

Scott said...
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