10 October 2007


This past weekend was the first non-working Saturday I've had in a long time. Squee! A gal could get used to this. Kidlet and I went to church for the Blessing of the Animals service (she brought her stuffed bear pillow and a little stuffed doggie). A variety of real dogs were also in attendance with their people, as well as one very shy toad. After all were blessed, Kidlet and I went out to lunch and shopped for Nana's birthday gift. Then it was off to Kids' Hair for a trim (for Kidlet, of course). It was a lovely day.

Pictorial knitting update!

Kidlet's sweater, which is now off-the-needles-yet-still-unblocked:

The beginning of the Elizabethan stockings for Kerry:

I've ordered yarn from Little Knits for a sweater for myself. Methinks I won't cast that on until the holiday knitting is done. (BTW, Little Knits is a great place to get some name-brand yarns at crazy sale prices - retired colors, discontinued yarns, and the like.)

Yesterday was my mom's birthday. No numbers will be mentioned. ;-) Since M&D have been busy planning a move, we combined Mom's and Ness's birthday celebrations into one. Dinner at Mom's new favorite restaurant, then back to their house for the gifting, dessert, and a round of Wii Bowling. Have I mentioned that my parents are pretty cool?

Happy birthday, Mom!

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Momsam said...

Hi Meema,
Can't believe Dad & I are on your blog again..

Just wanted to say "Thank you" again for the movie. We are planning on viewing it tonight.

A grand time was had by on-and-all last night. Glad Ness supplied the exercise with "wii bowling," after eating so much. It also made it easier to enjoy dessert while we bowled...

Needless to say who had the highest score at the end of the game. Do you think if we bowled with our had in our pocket it would help?

Again thanks for a memorable evening.

<3<3 Momsam <3<3