01 June 2008

Butchly beaded

Before you ask, it's not the OOTM (Oxymoron of the Month); the above description befits Going40's contest prize. He asked for something different for his stitch markers (help me with how exactly you phrased it, Scott), but I think these fit the bill. Supplies were garnered from The Bead Monkey (there needed to be orange in them thar markers) and Frattalone's Ace Hardware (love the lamp parts), both located on St. Paul's Grand Avenue shopping district. I need to do more thinking creating outside of the box.

Enjoy a lovely Sunday, all!


Scott R said...

I LOVE MY NEW STITCH MARKERS!! They are as masculine, manly, and butch, as, well, Eric. They're perfect. Thank you so much. I love being a winner!

deb said...

Dang these are cool. I have an idea for a direction you can go that will tie in with the cute stuff I got at Saturday Market in Portland.