24 June 2008

Hit me with a cute gadget
(or Sanity on the Horizon)

You might recall last February when frustration with my wireless carrier grew to a shrieking climax (and not the good kind. Mmm, the good kind... sorry, I distracted myself). Well, T-Miserable no more: I have seen the Horizon, and it's been good to me for the last two weeks. Here's the new little chunk of technology living in my bag.

I know several people who may say, "But it's not an iPhone."

Nope, it's not.

He's cute, and he does what I need him to, and then some. Good qualities in a cell phone or a houseboy, for that matter. The best part? I've got bars (signal, not singles) all over the damned place! Something not experienced with They-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Ahh, sweet relief!


Cate said...

Cute! Hey it doesn't matter if it isn't a iPhone - as long as it makes you happy... I personally think an iPhone would have made you HAPPIER...

Scott Rohr said...

It opens like a compact! I love that.