05 June 2008

You've got to give a little...

As summer rears its sweltery head, knitting often goes by the wayside. True, who wants a 6-skein pile of wool-afghan-in-progress on their lap when the mercury is rising? There are little things one can work on, however - hats, mittens, gloves, and socks are time-tested small projects that are compact, portable, and aid in avoiding the aforementioned heat rash on your lap (not to mention getting a jump on the holiday knitting).

Not sure where to start? Go check out The Yarnery Blog for a great charity knitting opportunity using superwash fingering/sock yarn. Knit up a square (or two or three) for The Promise Blanket and drop off or mail by July 15th. Full details can be found here. Get your generous on!

(photo by Sheep In the City)

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