05 August 2008

Slice of the Big Apple #7

The 'Buck stops here... and here, and here, and here. I had no idea how far a company could take the concept of market saturation until we took this trip. Starbucks is freakin' EVERYWHERE. All the way out and back again. I will say this: their omnipresence in Manhattan provided delightfully predictable opportunity for a certain physical relief.

The first of many 'Buck moments, this one in WI Dells:

Here we see Ness modeling her purse-turned-headwear in a freshly caffeinated moment; M&D are bedecked in South Park shorts (yup).

God only knows where this one was on the night bus tour.

Bear witness to the (frequent) frappuccino carnage.

At least in the Twin Cities there are a couple other coffee chains with a strong presence, and some seriously fabulous indies. Me likes home.

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