25 August 2008

Boys on the side

Looky what I stumbled across on the internets this evening! If this didn't butch up the visibility of knitting men in the 1970s, I don't know what else could. Who knew the Marlboro man could knit?

This would be a great addition to a knitter's library; the three listings on Amazon right now, however, are asking between $140-$170.

From the website Men Who Knit:

"The best part is the projects chapter: a dog blanket, a beanie, a wall hanging (for your horse’s best-in-show award), a saddle blanket for your horse (knitted circularly with sharpened garden hose and “jumbo” yarn), a slipover (jumper) and a rope hammock (knitted with either shovel handles or pool cues with manila rope)."

And now, a video offering of needle-wielding men. About halfway through there's a gent knitting a hammock out of rope on sharpened billiard cues (a pattern from the book above, I believe).

P.S. Congrats to all the ribbon- and award-winning knitters (women and men) at the Great Minnesota Get-Together!

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Mary Lou said...

I almost bought this book a jillion years ago when i was living in NY, and have long regretted that I didn't. not enough to spend $140, however.