06 August 2008

Slice of the Big Apple #8

We started our Big Apple Thursday in divide-and-conquer mode: Ness and Dad trained over to visit Shea Stadium, and Mom and I headed south downtown for our second yarny indulgence, purl soho. Ooh, it was nice.

See the storefront photo? See the little metal cellar doors in the sidewalk on the right? That's their stockroom. Yes, it was quaint and very Soho on a lovely summer day, but I can't imagine it holds as much charm in a rainstorm or blizzard.

See the (negligible quality) self-portrait of me and another in the shop? I was looking for souvenir yarn and heard a voice behind me mention something to the effect of "we used to carry this at The Yarnery..."

"Excuse me? The Yarnery in Saint Paul?"

Yup. That's me with former Yarnerista Kristi. It's a small yarny world out there.

The souvenir which leapt out of the cellar and into my bag was Lorna's Laces sock yarn, exclusively dyed for the shop.

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lv2knit said...

I LOVE Purl Soho!! Oh, how I miss yarn shopping in NYC! But talk about a small world...PS, thanks for the nice comment about the Hemlock Throw.

Glad you enjoyed the BA.