11 August 2008

Slice of the Big Apple #9

(This ain't no wimpy slice of fruit - it's a huge careful-you-don't-choke-on-it-and-if-you-do-I-don't-wanna-hear-about-it chunk.)

Friday in Manhattan was just Nana, Papa and Meema. Despite getting shut out of our first two chosen activities (#1: not having the correct portions of receipts for the harbor tour, and #2: not reserving tickets ahead of time for the Tenement Museum, which had THE BEST LOO IN THE CITY - I swear I took pictures of it), we made our way uptown. Lunch was taken at an amazing Greek family-run restaurant on Madison Avenue. Then...

Ah, Le Guggenheim.

Leaving the museum, we took a really fast cab ride across Central Park to catch a train to our next destination. Good timing, to be on the Staten Island Ferry at sunset; I'd love to say we planned it that way, but we owe it to good tourist karma.

The last stop on our last night in NYC was Grand Central Station. Dang. What an impressive structure, to say nothing of the thousands of people sifting through it each day.

Anyone else a fan of The Untouchables? Couldn't help but remember the movie as we walked down those stairs. (That's red-shirted Dad, heading down them much more uneventfully than did Mr. Costner.)

Whew. Big chunk of apple, that. Thanks for playing.


deb said...

Can we see the best loo in the city, please?

Meema said...

I coulda sworn I took pictures in there! Not one on my camera. You'll have to go yourself.

And the gift shop is fun, too.