05 September 2007

And we're back.

School has started. I am shocked at how quickly the summer slipped away from me. Tomorrow and Friday I travel to the high schools to beat the drums of private voice study, and shape a studio for the year. Short presentations in each choir period mean a fair amount of down time, which for me means knitting all day! Woo hoo! We'll have to see how much of the sweater can manifest itself by Friday afternoon.

Yup, still on Tater's Cotton Cardi. Yup, still looking for Kerry's RenFest sock yarn. I did strike it rich on Monday night, though, and found a cached pseudo-posting of Donna Flood Kenton's Hand Knit Hose pattern. I've had it bookmarked forever, but when I went to pull it up recently, the URL was no longer valid. So if you are interested in period hand-knit stockings, have a look.

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