08 September 2007

It's all about being pretty

As superficial as it sounds, sometimes it's true. And it's even better when it can be functional at the same time.

I happened to be showing my mother the KnitPicks website tonight (I had just ordered Kerry's sock yarn this afternoon), and they have JUST introduced - wait for it... keep waiting... almost there... wooden tips for their Options needle system. And not just any old wooden tips - oh, no. Beautiful, colorful, multi-layered beechwood tips. And matching DPN's to boot. They are as lovely as hand-painted sock yarn. I squealed with Mom - it was a bonding moment, revealing my geeky proclivity.

Now I'm torn. I have loved the flexibility and many cable lengths of my Denise Interchangeable Needles, but yowza, these are head-turners. And I do like the points on these bad boys. Fie on you, KnitPicks! ;-)

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