12 September 2007

Knit much?

This is the first lesson week of the new school year. I'm seeing a pretty good return rate from last year's studio, and new contracts are coming in fairly well so far. I always love the fall, getting back into a regular schedule after a relaxed summer existence. Me Taurus. Me like structure.

The only down side: my knitting has been temporarily preempted by studio administration and the nasty cold/allergy crud I brought home from the Fest this weekend. I have tried snuggling into bed at a fairly early-for-me-but-reasonable-for-everyone-else hour with my knitting and a Lime & Violet podcast, but I end up crashing after about 30 stitches. Hmm - maybe I need more sleep.

Happy New Year!

1 comment:

Scott said...

Love the blog!
And my knitting has taken a hit, too because it's either that or time to pee.