21 September 2007

I feel knitty

I love fall - the colors, the scents, the temperature, everything. The contrast of a wool sweater warming your body and crisp air reddening your cheeks just makes my heart flutter. And, like clockwork, every year when it reaches this point of perfect knitting weather I think to myself, "Yikes - I only have (insert number) weeks to get my holiday knitting done! What have I been doing all this time without a project or three in process?" Mid-December will once again find me pledging to start holiday projects earlier next year to avoid mega-dosing on espresso, keep stress low, enjoy the season, blah, blah, blah. Here we go again...

I have a personal goal to use as much stash yarn as I can in the creation of holiday giftage this year. It will be a bit of a trick, in that a good chunk of the stash consists of "fibers of questionable synthetic origin" purchased early on in my knitting rebirth. You may think, "How
environmentally responsible of Meema, to avoid unnecessary purchasing and use resources already available." Though it may be true (patting myself on the back under my compact fluorescent lighting), I am leaning in this direction for other reasons as well: an attempt at not going pocketbook-crazy-come-holiday-time (a family affliction), compounded by being without my employee discount for the first time in years... I quit RH last week. Once the Fest is done at the end of September, Saturdays will be my own. I don't recall when I last had that day of the week available for personal use. Ah, freedom!

OK, so back to the season of knitting: I finished Kidlet's future sweater. It's lovely, albeit bigger than she is at 32 months. Once the ends weave themselves in and someone blocks it into shape, I'll post photos. I'm now whipping out some de rigeur dishcloths for J's housewarming. She closed on the house yesterday and is moving to a new apartment, so a set of cheery dishcloths seemed à propos. Sugar & Cream cotton, just like Mom's.
I'm ready to start Kerry's Renaissance stockings, but seem to have misplaced his measurements. I'll measure him again tomorrow. I was saddened to see the Hand Knit Hose posting is no longer accessible. It apparently has fallen off the Internet and can't get up. Here is another site of promise: 16th Century Stockings. I received my order of Swish DK from KnitPicks, and what yummy yarn it is! For Kerry, I envision the entire foot needing a reinforcing sock thread, and maybe doubled at the toe and heel. I'm excited to start these and amalgam a pattern from several sources.

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Scott said...

As far as holiday knitting goes, my stash is your stash. Come on over.